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Markvision Enterprise

Markvision Enterprise

Creating a configuration from a printer

The following components are not included:

  • Printer firmware
  • Applications
  • Certificates

To add the firmware, applications, and certificates, edit the configuration in MVE.

  1. From the Printers menu, click Printer Listing.

  2. Select the printer, and then click Configure > Create configuration from printer.

  3. If necessary, select Include advanced security settings to create an advanced security component from the selected printer.

  4. If the printer is secured, then select the authentication method, and then enter the credentials.

  5. Type a unique name for the configuration and its description, and then click Create Configuration.

  6. From the Configurations menu, click All Configurations.

  7. Select the configuration, and then click Edit.

  8. If necessary, edit the settings.

  9. Click Save Changes.

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