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Creating an event

You can monitor alerts in your printer fleet. Create an event, and then set an action to execute when the specified alerts occur. Events are not supported in secured printers.

  1. From the Printers menu, click Events & Actions > Events > Create.

  2. Type a unique name for the event and its description.

  3. From the Alerts section, select one or more alerts. For more information, see Understanding printer alerts.

  4. From the Actions section, select one or more actions to execute when the selected alerts are active.

    Note:  For more information, see Creating an action.

  5. Enable the system to execute selected actions when alerts are cleared on the printer.

  6. Set a grace period before executing any selected actions.

    Note:  If the alert is cleared during the grace period, then the action is not executed.

  7. Click Create Event.

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