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Markvision Enterprise

Markvision Enterprise

Creating a schedule

  1. From the Tasks menu, click Schedule > Create.

  2. From the General section, type a unique name for the scheduled tasks and its description.

  3. From the Task section, do one of the following:

      Schedule an audit

    1. Select Audit.

    2. Select a saved search.

      Schedule a conformance check

    1. Select Conformance.

    2. Select a saved search.

      Schedule a printer status check

    1. Select Current Status.

    2. Select a saved search.

    3. Select an action.

      Schedule a configuration deployment

    1. Select Deploy File.

    2. Select a saved search.

    3. Browse to the file, and then select the file type.

    4. If necessary, select a deployment method or protocol.

      Schedule a discovery

    1. Select Discovery.

    2. Select a discovery profile.

      Schedule a configuration enforcement

    1. Select Enforcement.

    2. Select a saved search.

      Schedule a certificate validation

    • Select Validate Certificate.
    • Note:  During validation, MVE communicates with the CA server to download the certificate chain and the Certificate Revocation List (CRL). The enrolment agent certificate is also generated. This certificate enables the CA server to trust MVE.

      Schedule a view export

    1. Select View Export.

    2. Select a saved search.

    3. Select a view template.

    4. Type the list of e‑mail addresses where the exported files are sent.

  4. From the Schedule section, set the date, time, and frequency of the task.

  5. Click Create Scheduled Task.

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