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Understanding permissions and function access controls

Printers can be configured to restrict public access to administrative menus and device management features. In newer printer models, permissions to access printer functions can be secured through different types of authentication methods. In older printer models, a security template can be applied to a function access control (FAC).

To communicate with these secured printers and manage them, MVE requires certain permissions or FACs, depending on the printer model.

The following table explains what printer management functions can be managed in MVE and what permissions or FACs are required.

Note that MVE requires the authentication credentials when Remote Management is secured. If other administrative menus and device management permissions or FACs are secured, then Remote Management must also be secured. Otherwise, MVE cannot perform the functions.

These permissions and function access controls are predefined in MVE as default advanced security components, and can readily be used in a configuration. For more information, see Securing printers using the default configurations.

If you are not using the default advanced security components, then make sure that these permissions and function access controls are configured in the printer manually. For more information, see Configuring printer security.

Permissions or FACsDescription

Remote Management

The ability to read and write settings remotely. If any other permissions or FACs listed in this table are secured, then Remote Management must also be secured.

Firmware Updates

The ability to update firmware from any method.

Apps Configuration

The ability to install or remove applications from the printer and send application settings files to the printer.

Import / Export All Settings


Configuration File Import / Export

The ability to send configuration files to the printer.

Security Menu


Security Menu Remotely

The ability to manage login methods and configure printer security options.

To secure newer printer models in MVE, disable public access for the Remote Management and Security Menu permissions. For older printer models, apply a security template to the Remote Management FAC.

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