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Lexmark M5255

Lexmark M5255

Loading the 2100‑sheet tray

CAUTION—TIPPING HAZARD:  To reduce the risk of equipment instability, load each tray separately. Keep all other trays closed until needed.

  1. Pull out the tray.

  2. Adjust the guides.

      Loading A5‑size paper

    1. Pull up and slide the width guide to the position for A5.

    2. Squeeze and slide the length guide to the position for A5 until it clicks into place.

    3. Remove the A5 length guide from its holder.

    4. Insert the guide into its designated slot, and then press until it clicks into place.

      Loading A4‑, letter‑, legal‑, Oficio‑, and folio‑size paper

    1. Pull up and slide the width guide to the correct position for the size of the paper being loaded.

    2. If the A5 length guide is still attached, then remove it. If the guide is not attached, then proceed to step 4.

    3. Place the A5 length guide in its holder.

  3. Flex, fan, and align the paper edges before loading.

  4. Load the paper stack with the printable side facedown.

    • Load letterhead depending on whether an optional staple finisher is installed or not.
    • Without an optional staple finisherWith an optional staple finisher

      One‑sided printing

      One‑sided printing

      Two‑sided printing

      Two‑sided printing

    • When loading prepunched paper, make sure that the holes on the long edge of the paper are against the right side of the tray.
    • One‑sided printingTwo‑sided printing
  5. Insert the tray.

    Note:  Press down the paper stack while inserting the tray.

  6. From the control panel, set the paper size and paper type to match the paper loaded.

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