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Lexmark MX725

Lexmark MX725

Loading the 250‑ or 550‑sheet tray

CAUTION—POTENTIAL INJURY:  To reduce the risk of equipment instability, load each tray separately. Keep all other trays closed until needed.

  1. Remove the tray.

    Note:  To avoid paper jams, do not remove trays while the printer is busy.

  2. Adjust the guides to match the size of the paper that you are loading.

    Note:  Use the indicators on the bottom of the tray to position the guides.

  3. Flex, fan, and align the paper edges before loading.

  4. Load the paper stack with the printable side facedown, and then make sure that the side guides fit snugly against the paper.

    • Do not slide paper into the tray.
    • To avoid paper jams, make sure that the stack height is below the maximum paper fill indicator.
    • When loading letterhead, do either of the following:
    • One‑sided printingTwo‑sided printing
    • When loading prepunched paper, make sure that the holes on the long edge of the paper are against the right side of the tray.
    • One‑sided printingTwo‑sided printing
    • Load envelopes with the flap side up and against the left side of the tray.
    • Warning—Potential Damage:  Do not use envelopes with stamps, clasps, snaps, windows, coated linings, or self‑stick adhesives.

  5. Insert the tray.

  6. From the control panel, set the paper size and paper type to match the paper loaded.

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