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Lexmark CX522

Lexmark CX522

Managing the energy consumption and paper usage settings

  1. From the home screen, touch Eco-Settings.


    • This application is supported only in some printer models.
    • This application overrides the printer settings.
  2. Depending on your printer model, do either of the following:

    • Touch Eco‑Mode.
    • Touch  > Eco‑Mode.
  3. Select a preset setting or customize the settings.

    Selecting a preset

    • None—Use the default energy‑saving settings.
    • Energy Saving—Enable Quiet Mode, and set Sleep Mode to 1.
    • Energy/Paper Saving
    • Paper Saving—Enable two‑sided printing.

    Customizing the settings

    • Two‑Sided Printing
    • Quiet Mode—Quiet mode may reduce the processing speed, which may delay the print time of the first page.
    • Sleep Mode
    • Screen Brightness
    • Toner Darkness
  4. Touch Save.

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