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Lexmark B2236

Lexmark B2236


Menu itemDescription

Note:  An asterisk (*) next to a value indicates the factory default setting.

    Font Name

  • [List of available fonts] (Courier*)

Select a font from the specified font source.

    Symbol Set

  • [List of available symbol set] (10U PC‑8*)

Specify the symbol set for each font name.

Note:  A symbol set is a set of alphabetic and numeric characters, punctuation, and special symbols. Symbol sets support the different languages or specific programs such as math symbols for scientific text.


  • 0.08–100 (10*)

Specify the pitch for fixed or monospaced fonts.

Note:  Pitch refers to the number of fixed‑space characters in a horizontal inch of type.


  • Portrait*
  • Landscape
  • Reverse Portrait
  • Reverse Landscape

Specify the orientation of text and graphics on the page.

    Lines per Page

  • 1–255

Specify the number of lines of text for each page printed through the PCL® data stream.


  • This menu item activates vertical escapement that causes the selected number of requested lines to print between the default margins of the page.
  • 60 is the U.S. factory default setting. 64 is the international factory default setting.

    PCL5 Minimum Line Width

  • 1–30 (2*)

Set the initial minimum stroke width of any job printed in 1200 dpi.

    PCLXL Minimum Line Width

  • 1–30 (2*)

    A4 Width

  • 198  mm*
  • 203  mm

Set the width of the logical page on A4‑size paper.

Note:  Logical page is the space on the physical page where data is printed.

    Auto CR after LF

  • Off*
  • On

Set the printer to perform a carriage return after a line feed control command.

Note:  Carriage return is a mechanism that commands the printer to move the position of the cursor to the first position on the same line.

    Auto LF after CR

  • Off*
  • On

Set the printer to perform a line feed after a carriage return control command.

    Print Timeout

  • Disabled
  • Enabled*

Enable the printer to end a print job after it has been idle for the specified amount of time in seconds.

    Print Timeout Time

  • 1–255 (90*)

Set the time in seconds for the printer to end a print job after it has been idle.

Note:  This menu item appears only when Print Timeout is enabled.

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