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Lexmark B2236

Lexmark B2236

HTTP/FTP Settings

Note:  This menu appears only in network printers or printers that are attached to print servers.

Menu itemDescription

Note:  An asterisk (*) next to a value indicates the factory default setting.

    Enable HTTP Server

  • Off
  • On*

Access the Embedded Web Server to monitor and manage the printer.

    Enable HTTPS

  • Off
  • On*

Configure the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) settings.

    Force HTTPS Connections

  • Off*
  • On

Force the printer to use the HTTPS connections.

    Enable FTP/TFTP

  • Off
  • On*

Send files using FTP.

HTTP Proxy IP Address

Configure the HTTP and FTP server settings.

Note:  This feature is available only in some printer models.

FTP Proxy IP Address

    HTTP Default IP Port

  • 1–65535 (80*)

HTTPS Device Certificate

    FTP Default IP Port

  • 1–65535 (21*)

    Timeout for HTTP/FTP Requests

  • 1–299 (30*)

Specify the amount of time before the server connection stops.

    Retries for HTTP/FTP Requests

  • 1–299 (3*)

Set the number of retries to connect to the HTTP/FTP server.

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