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Lexmark C3224

Lexmark C3224

Universal Setup

Menu itemDescription

Note:  An asterisk (*) next to a value indicates the factory default setting.

    Units of Measure

  • Inches
  • Millimeters

Specify the unit of measurement for the universal paper.

Note:  Inches is the U.S. factory default setting. Millimeters is the international factory default setting.

    Portrait Width

  • 3.00–14.17  inches (8.50*)
  • 76–360  mm (216*)

Set the portrait width of the universal paper.

    Portrait Height

  • 3.00–14.17  inches (14*)
  • 76–360  mm (356*)

Set the portrait height of the universal paper.

    Feed Direction

  • Short Edge*
  • Long Edge

Set the printer to pick paper from the short edge or long edge direction.

Note:  Long Edge appears only when the longest edge is shorter than the maximum width supported.

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