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Lexmark C3326

Lexmark C3326


Menu itemDescription

Note:  An asterisk (*) next to a value indicates the factory default setting.


  • Sides
    • 1‑Sided*
    • 2‑Sided

Specify whether to print on one side or two sides of the paper.


  • Pages per Side
    • Off*
    • 2 pages per side
    • 3 pages per side
    • 4 pages per side
    • 6 pages per side
    • 9 pages per side
    • 12 pages per side
    • 16 pages per side

Print multiple page images on one side of a sheet of paper.


  • Toner Darkness
    • Light
    • Normal*
    • Dark

Determine the lightness or darkness of text images.

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