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Lexmark C3326

Lexmark C3326


Menu itemDescription

Note:  An asterisk (*) next to a value indicates the factory default setting.


  • Show Supply Estimates
    • Show estimates*
    • Do not show estimates

Show the estimated status of the supplies.


  • Custom Supply Notifications

Configure notification settings when the printer requires user intervention.

Note:  This menu item appears only in the Embedded Web Server.

    E‑mail Alerts Setup

  • E‑mail Setup
    • Primary SMTP Gateway
    • Primary SMTP Gateway Port (25*)
    • Secondary SMTP Gateway
    • Secondary SMTP Gateway Port (25*)
    • SMTP Timeout (30 seconds*)
    • Reply Address
    • Always use SMTP default Reply Address(Off*)
    • Use SSL/TLS(Disabled*)
    • Require Trusted Certificate(On*)
    • SMTP Server Authentication(No authentication required*)
    • Device‑Initiated E‑mail(None*)
    • Device Userid
    • Device Password
    • NTLM Domain

Configure the e‑mail settings of the printer.

Note:  In some printer models, this menu can be configured only from the Embedded Web Server.

    Error Prevention

  • Jam Assist
    • Off
    • On*

Set the printer to check for jammed paper automatically.

    Error Prevention

  • Auto Continue
    • Disabled
    • 5–255 (5*)
  • Auto Continue Time

Let the printer continue processing or printing a job automatically after clearing certain attendance conditions.

Note:  Auto Continue Time is available only in some printer models.

    Error Prevention

  • Auto Reboot
    • Auto Reboot
      • Reboot always*
      • Reboot never
      • Reboot when idle

Set the printer to restart when an error occurs.

    Error Prevention

  • Auto Reboot
    • Max Auto Reboots
      • 1–20 (2*)

Set the number of automatic reboots that the printer can perform.

    Error Prevention

  • Auto Reboot
    • Auto Reboot Window
      • 1–525600 (720*)

Set the number of seconds before the printer performs an automatic reboot.

    Error Prevention

  • Auto Reboot
    • Auto Reboot Counter

Show a read‑only information of the reboot counter.

    Error Prevention

  • Display Short Paper Error
    • Auto‑clear*
    • On

Set the printer to show a message when a short paper error occurs.

Note:  Short paper refers to the size of the paper loaded.

    Error Prevention

  • Page Protect
    • Off*
    • On

Set the printer to process the entire page into the memory before printing it.

    Jam Content Recovery

  • Jam Recovery
    • Auto*
    • Off
    • On

Set the printer to reprint jammed pages.

Note:  In some printer models, Off is the default setting.

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