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Lexmark C3326

Lexmark C3326

Unacceptable paper

The following paper types are not recommended for use with the printer:

  • Chemically treated papers used to make copies without carbon paper, also known as carbonless papers, carbonless copy paper (CCP), or no carbon required (NCR) paper
  • Preprinted papers with chemicals that may contaminate the printer
  • Preprinted papers that can be affected by the temperature in the printer fuser
  • Preprinted papers that require a registration (the precise print location on the page) greater than ±2.3  mm (±0.9  in.), such as optical character recognition (OCR) forms
  • In some cases, registration can be adjusted with a software application to successfully print on these forms.
  • Coated papers (erasable bond), synthetic papers, thermal papers
  • Rough‑edged, rough or heavily textured surface papers, or curled papers
  • Recycled papers that fail EN12281:2002 (European)
  • Paper weighing less than 60  g/m2 (16  lb)
  • Multiple‑part forms or documents
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