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Lexmark MX431

Lexmark MX431


Menu itemDescription

Note:  An asterisk (*) next to a value indicates the factory default setting.

    Display Language

Set the language of the text that appears on the display.


Identify the country or region that the printer is configured to operate.

    Run Initial Setup

  • Yes
  • No*

Run the setup wizard.

    Displayed information

  • Display Text 1
  • Display Text 2

Specify the information to appear on the home screen.

    Date and Time

  • Configure
    • Current Date and Time
    • Manually Set Date and Time
    • Date Format (MM‑DD‑YYYY*)
    • Time Format (12 hour A.M./P.M.*)
    • Time Zone (GMT*)
  • Network Time Protocol
    • Enable NTP
    • NTP Server
    • Enable Authentication (None*)

Configure the printer date and time.

    Paper Sizes

  • U.S.*
  • Metric

Specify the unit of measurement for paper sizes.

Note:  The country or region selected in the initial setup wizard determines the initial paper size setting.

    Screen Brightness

  • 20–100% (100*)

Adjust the brightness of the display.

    Flash Drive Access

  • Disabled
  • Enabled*

Enable access to the flash drive.

    One Page Flatbed Scanning

  • On
  • Off*

Set copies from the scanner glass to only one page at a time.

    Screen Timeout

  • 5–300 (60*)

Set the idle time in seconds before the display shows the home screen, or before the printer logs out a user account automatically.

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