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Optra CX Family

Optra CX Family

Cannot enroll the device

Try one or more of the following:

Make sure that the device is turned on
Make sure that the cable connections are secure
Check if the network connection is working
Wait for the indicator lights to blink before proceeding to enroll the device
Check if you are using a supported browser

Use the latest version of Apple Safari, Google Chrome™ , or Mozilla Firefox.

Make sure that the user credentials are correct
Make sure to enter the correct device serial number
Make sure that the device is not previously enrolled

The device reenrolls itself and connects to the previous user account when you reset and reconnect it to the network. To make it available for a different user, remove the device from the original account in the portal.

Make sure that the device is in the Enrolling state

Press and hold the setup button for five seconds after starting the device.

Go to for support contact information
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