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Optra VZ Family

Optra VZ Family

Mounting the device on a wall

Note:  These instructions apply only to Optra Compute CX1000 and Optra VZ1000/VZ5000.

  1. Select a location on a wall inside a building on which to mount the device.

    Note:  Make sure that there is adequate clearance around the device.

  2. Mark two holes side by side with a distance of 139.7 mm (5.5 in.).

  3. Drill holes about an inch deep into the markings on the wall.

  4. Install 1.5‑inch‑long #6 standard wood screws into the holes, leaving about half an inch of the screws protruding.

  5. With the ports side of the device facedown or faceup, align the holes at the base of the device with the screw heads. Push the device until the rubber pads touch the wall.

  6. Slide the device down until the screws are secured in the vertical slots.

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