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Lexmark XC9455

Lexmark XC9455


Note:  This menu appears only in network printers or printers that are attached to print servers.

Menu itemDescription

Note:  An asterisk (*) next to a value indicates the factory default setting.


  • Off*
  • On

Let the printer join networks that require authentication before allowing access.

    802.1x Authentication

  • Device Login Name
  • Device Login Password
  • Validate Serve Certificate (On*)
  • Enable Event Logging (Off*)
  • 802.1x Device Certificate

Configure the settings for authenticating the 802.1x connection.

    Allowable Authentication Mechanisms

  • EAP ‑ MD5 (On*)
  • EAP - MSCHAPv2 (On*)
  • LEAP (On*)
  • PEAP (On*)
  • EAP - TLS (On*)
  • EAP - TTLS (On*)
  • TTLS Authentication Method (MSCHAPv2*)

Configure the allowed authentication mechanisms for the 802.1x connection.

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