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Lexmark CS737

Lexmark CS737


Note:  This menu appears only in network printers or printers attached to print servers.

Menu itemDescription

Note:  An asterisk (*) next to a value indicates the factory default setting.

    Set Hostname

Set the current TCP/IP host name.

    Domain Name

Set the domain name.

    Allow DHCP/BOOTP to update NTP server

  • On*
  • Off

Allow the DHCP and BOOTP clients to update the NTP settings of the printer.

    Zero Configuration Name

Specify a service name for the zero configuration network.

    Enable Auto IP

  • Off
  • On*

Assign an IP address automatically.

    DNS Server Address

    Specify the current Domain Name System (DNS) server address.

      Backup DNS Address

    Specify the backup DNS server addresses.

      Backup DNS Address 2

      Backup DNS Address 3

      Domain Search Order

    Specify a list of domain names to locate the printer and its resources that reside in different domains on the network.

      Enable DDNS

    • Off*
    • On

    Update the Dynamic DNS settings.

      DDNS TTL

    Specify the current DDNS settings.

      Default TTL

      DDNS Refresh Time

      Enable mDNS

    • Off
    • On*

    Update the multicast DNS settings.

      WINS Server Address

    Specify a server address for Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).

      Enable BOOTP

    • Off*
    • On

    Allow the BOOTP to assign a printer IP address.

      Restricted Server List

    Specify the IP addresses that are allowed to communicate with the printer over TCP/IP.


    • Use a comma to separate each IP address.
    • You can add up to 50 IP addresses.
    • This menu item is available only in some printer models.

      Restricted Server List Options

    • Block All Ports*
    • Block Printing Only
    • Block Printing and HTTP Only

    Specify the access option for IP addresses that are not in the list.

    Note:  This menu item is available only in some printer models.


    • 256–1500 Ethernet (1500*)

    Specify a maximum transmission unit (MTU) parameter for the TCP connections.

      Raw Print Port

    • 1–65535 (9100*)

    Specify a raw port number for printers connected on a network.

      Outbound Traffic Maximum Speed

    • Off*
    • On

    Set the maximum transfer rate of the printer.

    Note:  When enabled, the option for this setting is 100–1000000 Kilobits/second.

      TLS Support

    • Enable TLSv1.0 (Off)
    • Enable TLSv1.1 (Off*)
    • Enable TLSv1.2 (On*)

    Enable the Transport Layer Security protocol.

      SSL Cipher List

    Specify the cipher algorithms to use for the SSL or the TLS connections.

      TLSv1.3 SSL Cipher List

    Specify the specific cipher string to use for TLS v1.3.

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