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Lexmark CS737

Lexmark CS737

Supported paper weights

650‑sheet duo trayOptional 550‑sheet trayTwo‑sided printing
550‑sheet tray100‑sheet multipurpose feeder

60–218  g/m2

(16–58‑lb bond)

60–218  g/m2

(16–58‑lb bond)

60–218  g/m2

(16–58‑lb bond)

60–162  g/m2

(16–43‑lb bond)

Paper typePaper weight

    Plain Paper

75–90.3  g/m2 (20–24  lb bond)


88–176  g/m2 (60–120  lb book)

162–176  g/m2 grain long (60–65  lb cover)

    Heavy Paper

90.3–105  g/m2 grain long (24.1–28  lb bond)

    Card stock

Up to 199  g/m2 grain long (110  lb index)

Up to 218  g/m2 grain short (80  lb cover)


Up to 218  g/m2 (58  lb bond)


60–105  g/m2 (16–28  lb bond)


  • For 60–176  g/m2 (16–47‑lb bond) paper, grain long fibers are recommended.
  • Paper less than 75  g/m2 (20‑lb bond) must be printed with Paper Type set to Light Paper. Failure to do so may cause excessive curl which can lead to feeding errors, especially in more humid environments.
  • Two‑sided printing supports paper weight from 60–162  g/m2 (16–43‑lb bond) paper.
  • 100% cotton content maximum weight is 90  g/m2 (24‑lb bond).
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