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Lexmark CS632

Lexmark CS632


Note:  This menu appears only in network printers or printers attached to print servers.

Menu itemDescription

Note:  An asterisk (*) next to a value indicates the factory default setting.

    Set Hostname

Set the current TCP/IP host name.

    Domain Name

Set the domain name.

    Allow DHCP/BOOTP to update NTP server

  • On*
  • Off

Allow the DHCP and BOOTP clients to update the NTP settings of the printer.

    Zero Configuration Name

Specify a service name for the zero configuration network.

    Enable Auto IP

  • Off
  • On*

Assign an IP address automatically.

    DNS Server Address

Specify the current Domain Name System (DNS) server address.

    Backup DNS Address

Specify the backup DNS server addresses.

    Backup DNS Address 2

    Backup DNS Address 3

    Domain Search Order

Specify a list of domain names to locate the printer and its resources that reside in different domains on the network.

    Enable DDNS

  • Off*
  • On

Update the Dynamic DNS settings.


Specify the current DDNS settings.

    Default TTL

    DDNS Refresh Time

    Enable mDNS

  • Off
  • On*

Update the multicast DNS settings.

    WINS Server Address

Specify a server address for Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).

    Enable BOOTP

  • Off*
  • On

Allow the BOOTP to assign a printer IP address.

    Restricted Server List

Specify the IP addresses that are allowed to communicate with the printer over TCP/IP.


  • Use a comma to separate each IP address.
  • You can add up to 50 IP addresses.

    Restricted Server List Options

  • Block All Ports*
  • Block Printing Only
  • Block Printing and HTTP Only

Specify the access option for IP addresses that are not in the list.


  • 256–1500 Ethernet (1500*)

Specify a maximum transmission unit (MTU) parameter for the TCP connections.

    Raw Print Port

  • 1–65535 (9100*)

Specify a raw port number for printers connected on a network.

    Outbound Traffic Maximum Speed

  • Off*
  • On

Set the maximum transfer rate of the printer.

Note:  When enabled, the option for this setting is 100–1000000 Kilobits/second.

    TLS Support

  • Enable TLSv1.0 (Off)
  • Enable TLSv1.1 (Off*)
  • Enable TLSv1.2 (On*)

Enable the Transport Layer Security protocol.

    SSL Cipher List

Specify the cipher algorithms to use for the SSL or the TLS connections.

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