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Lexmark CS632

Lexmark CS632

Capturing a spool or job file in Macintosh OS


This article outlines the steps required to create and capture a spool or job file in a Macintosh environment. Capturing the spool file is useful in the analysis and troubleshooting of print errors and anomalies.


Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Terminal, type cd /tmp/ and press Enter to go to the tmp folder.

  2. Create a test file while in the tmp directory. To do so, type:

    • vi filename.txt (for example, vi jobfile.txt)
  3. Reopen the Terminal, and type the following:

    • cd /etc/cups and press Enter to open the cups folder
    • sudo vim cups-files.conf and press Enter to open cups-files.conf file
  4. In the cups-files.conf file, find the line #FileDevice No, remove the # symbol from the start of the line, and replace No with Yes. Then save the file and exit.

  5. Open a web browser and type localhost:631 to open the CUPS web page.

  6. Go to Administration tab > Server > Edit Configuration File.

  7. In the second line, type FileDevice Yes and save changes.

    Note:  Enter username and password, if prompted. The Server restarts automatically. This allows the CUPS scheduler to create a job file in File Device.

  8. Reopen a web browser and type localhost:631 to reopen the CUPS web page. Then go to Printers and select the printer (for example, MS610).

  9. Click the Administration drop-down, and select Modify Printer.

    Note:  Enter username and password, if prompted.

  10. The Modify menu opens. Select Internet Printing Protocol (ipp) option, and click Continue.

  11. Type file:/tmp/jobfile.txt in the Connection text box, and click Continue.

    Note:  The printer prints to a text file which is called the job file.

  12. Do not change any other options. Click Modify Printer.

    Note:  Clicking Modify Printer restarts cups.

  13. Go to Printers tab, click the Maintenance drop down, and select Print Test Page. Check if a job file is created in the file:/tmp/jobfile.txt location.

  14. Print the actual job.


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