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Lexmark XC4240

Lexmark XC4240

Scanning an Image using a script FAQ

Issue description

The following Lexmark document distributor (LDD) script line for a Scan to E-mail workflow is used for producing a 1-bit monochrome scan file for Lexmark products before 2016: scprompt.setDeviceParm("contentType", ScanPrompt.TEXT_MODE);

However, using the same script on 2016 Lexmark products will produce an 8-bit monochrome image scan.


The reason for this is that additional functionality was added to the 2016 Lexmark products; therefore, the current behavior is FAD(functioning as designed).

However, the new functionality prevents inferring a bit depth setting the same way as previous product generations.

This change will be reflected in the next revision of the software development kit (SDK) documentation.


For the Lexmark 2016 products, the following LDD script needs to be used, which will explicitly set the mono bit depth to 1 in order to get a 1-bit scan: scprompt.setDeviceParm("monoBitdepth","1");


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