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Lexmark XC4240

Lexmark XC4240

Troubleshooting import and export settings issues for Accuread Automate, Scan Center, and Scan to Network Folder

Issue description

As some applications have grown more complex over the years, the usual method of downloading and uploading the settings through firmware becomes outdated. Below are known issues of using an incorrect implementation method for the Universal Configuration File (UCF).

  • Unresponsive applications
  • Failure to deploy some or all settings
  • Java Null Exceptions – application instability
  • Corruption of the application – resulting in the need to Restore Defaults on the printer for recovery

As originally designed and established, the printer firmware is responsible for managing and providing a method for settings to be configured. The public-facing method for this is through the Embedded Web Server (EWS) via the Settings >Import/Export link. A user could export settings (i.e., Embedded Solutions Settings Files), modify the contents, and re-deploy it back to the printer or to other printers.

Applications with more complex Settings, like Scan To Network Folder (SNF), Accuread Automate or Scan Center, contain their own export and import settings functionality. However, the application is still connected to the built-in deployment method, and would ultimately cause issues, if used to deploy settings.


Importing/ Exporting Settings for Scan To Network Folder (SNF)Importing/ Exporting Settings for Accuread Automate and Scan Center

Use the Device Deployment Utility (DDU) for Scan to Network Folder. It is currently supporting applications that require their own unique method for deploying settings by routing the settings to the applications built-in URL.

Use export and import functionality directly located in the application for Accuread Automate and Scan Center.

How to Export Settings (Creating a UCF)

  1. Go to application in the EWS.

  2. Access Settings > Apps > Apps Management and select the App.

  3. Click on Export, and save the exported UCF.

How to Import Settings (UCF) Using Application Settings

  1. Go to application in the EWS, and select the method for importing the settings file.

  2. Access Settings > Apps > Apps Management and select the App.

  3. Click Import and locate the UCF that has been configured.

How to deploy a UCF using DDU

  1. Launch DDU and select "Add Settings Files".

  2. If your application is supported (i.e., Scan To Network), then use the pull-down item.

  3. Choosing "Settings File" implements the built-in firmware deployment method.

    Note:  This will only work with the Scan To Network Folder.


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