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Lexmark XC4240

Lexmark XC4240

Solid color pages and/or clicking or grinding noise

Issue description

Printed pages have solid color extending to page edges with no white border.

Solid color may be Black or Cyan or Magenta or Yellow with no white border, refer to the following sample images:

Combinations of solid colors such as red, purple or green with no white border.

The solid color may be interrupted by a horizontal wide and narrow band that repeat down the page.

The page may have colored heavy vertical streaks that extend top to bottom (no border).

There may be slight to severe toner leaks on the transport belt and/or inside of the machine.

There may be a loud clicking or grinding noise in the machine similar to the audio below.

  • Please click here for a sample of the loud clicking or grinding noise.


  1. Identify which toner color (or colors) is printing solid pages.

  2. Remove the Black and Color Imaging Unit to determine if any toner color (or colors) is leaking in the machine.

  3. If toner is leaking in the machine, determine which color is leaking and contact Lexmark Technical Support.

  4. If no leaking is occurring, remove the solid page Cartridge and Developer units, reinstall them, reinsert the Imaging Unit into the machine.

  5. From the operator panel Home screen, enter the Diagnostics Menu by pressing * * 3 6.

    • Navigate to Advanced Print Quality Samples > Advanced Print Quality Test Pages and print the pages.


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