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Lexmark MX721

A Dislodged ADF Paper Bail Causes a 282.13, 282.15, 282.93 or 282.95 Error

Affected Products:

Multifunction: MX721, MX722, MX725, MB2770, XM5365, XM5370, MX822, MX826, XM7355, XM7370

Issue Description:

The paper bail that deflects the sheets exiting the ADF output after they are scanned can be dislodged and tilted back toward the exit.

This instance causes either one of the following error messages to appear:

  • 282.13 Error
  • 282.15 Error
  • 282.93 Error
  • 282.95 Error

Note: If the following errors appear with different symptoms, click on the links below:


When this error messages appear, any media will get stuck and will be unable to push the paper bail out of the way, and instead curl up and cause a jam. This can also cause other sheets to run into them as well.

To temporarily fix this issue, pull the paper bail away from the ADF exit, and then pull down to reseat it and make sure it is in the correct position.

The bail may not seat completely but it will still perform its function correctly

Still Need Help?

If the paper bail completely comes out or it is still causing issues, check if it is properly seated and can move around in the document tray, then call theLexmark Technical Support with the following available:

  • Printer model(s)
  • Printer serial number


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