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Lexmark XM5370

Lexmark XM5370

Replacing an unsupported cartridge

Issue description

The printer displays a Replace unsupported cartridge [32.40D] error. This error indicates that a different starter cartridge is inserted into the printer.



Step 1

Check whether the correct toner cartridge is used.


  • The original or first toner cartridge used is called an SWE toner cartridge. SWE stands for shipped with equipment. The SWE toner cartridge cannot be installed to another printer.
  • If the SWE toner cartridge is used by another printer, then a 32.40D error occurs.

Is the printer using the incorrect toner cartridge?

Go to Step 2.

Contact support.

Step 2

Do either of the following:

  • Find the SWE toner cartridge, and then reinstall it.
  • Replace the cartridge with the correct and genuine Lexmark part.

Does the problem remain?

Contact support.

The problem is solved.


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