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Lexmark MX725

Lexmark MX725

Troubleshooting a 66x.x3A paper loading error

Issue description

The printer registers a 66x.x3A (with "x" referring to any number from one to five) paper loading error which is either accompanied by:

  • A loud grinding noise
  • No grinding noise


Loud Grinding Noise

  1. Reseat the printer's paper pick rollers by removing them from the pick arm assembly.

  2. Make sure to pull the paper empty sensor flagdown out of the way when installing pick rollers back. This prevents interference and allows the rollers to be fully seated.

No Grinding Noise

A possible cause for this issue is that the tray is not completely inserted and latched (A).

To resolve this, make sure to perform the following steps:

  1. Pull the tray half way out then push it back in and make sure it is completely latched.

    • If the error is displayed, just pushing the tray in will not clear the error
    • The tray must be pulled out a little bit and pushed back in to clear the error
  2. Check both Tray Inserts (B) on the printer and make sure it has not been broken or damaged.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.

Service action

  1. Replace the parts based on the issue that was encountered, if the error still appears.

    • 66x.x3A with Loud Grinding Noise
    • 66x.x3A without any Loud Grinding Noise
  2. Should the issue still appear after the parts have been replaced, make sure to escalate the call to the next level of support.


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