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Lexmark MX331

Lexmark MX331

FW5.3 (053.023) release notes

Lexmark FW5.3 release notes (March 2019)

Base firmware: xxxAT.053.023, xxxGM.053.023, xxxGW.053.023, xxxMH.053.023, xxxPP.053.023, and xxxZJ.053.023

New features:

  • Disable/enable network interface
  • Disable/enable USB Port interface
  • External network access alarm
  • Clear memory and data after print jobs
  • Support for 8 digit PIN in confidential print job
  • etherFax support:
  • Note:  Setting the Fax Transport to 'etherFAX' will cause the fax feature to be unavailable unless the user has an active account for this device with etherFAX, LLC. You can contact etherFAX, LLC at, or call 1-877-384-9866 or 1-732-813-0990.

Apps (non-BSD models):

  • Card Copy - v4.3.17 (if included)
  • Cloud Connector - v1.0 (if included)
  • Display Customization - v4.6.8 (if included)
  • Eco-Settings - v5.2.2 (if included)
  • Forms and Favorites - v5.3.5 (if included)
  • Scan Center - v1.4.3 (if included)
  • Shortcut Center - v5.2.6 (if included)

Apps (BSD models):

  • Customer Support - v6.2.6 (if included)
  • Device Quotas - v5.3.10 (if included)
  • Eco-Settings - v5.2.4 (if included)
  • QR Code Generator - v5.2.1 (if included)

Security Issues Addressed:

  • Lexmark Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2018-15520)
  • IPDS: Captured IRP Is Not Deleted After Disabling of Stream Capture Feature

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Translation improvements
  • Fix for an issue with the “Delete All” function when printing from USB Drive
  • Change to VLML behavior to support both single and double quotes (some apps may not work correctly without this fix)
  • Fix to allow Shortcut Center to display “unassigned” shortcuts (shortcut number 0)
  • Fix for printing the Diagnostic Reports in languages other than English
  • Fix for “Secure Element Mismatch Detected” on devices containing a secure element
  • Several fax improvements and fixes
  • Multiple fixes for PS, PCL, and PCLXL errors
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