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Lexmark C2325

Lexmark C2325

Unable to send a Fax cover page when sending Fax from a computer

Issue description

Cover page is not being sent when selecting cover page.

Other observations when this issues occurs:

  • PS UPD is used
  • This is commonly seen on 64-bit Microsoft® Windows 10®
  • This is commonly encountered when using 32-bit Microsoft Word®


To resolve this issue, update to the latest print driver version found on the Driver & downloads support site.

This driver creates the cover page from the driver code rather than depending on Microsoft's StartPage(hDC) api.


Several factors lead up to this outcome:

  • When cover page is enabled, the driver draws the cover page
  • This adds an additional page to the print data.
  • When drawing this additional page, it is dependent on the Microsoft core driver
  • This requires the UPD to make GDI calls to create the additional page.
  • Microsoft core driver generates postscript data based on these gdi calls
  • However, when a driver makes a gdi start page call on Microsoft provided hDC (printer device context).
  • An invalid handle error is returned when printing from 32 bit Word in 64 bit OS.


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