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Lexmark C2325

Lexmark C2325

202.15, 202.25, 202.35, 202.05 paper jam

Issue description

When printing, paper exiting the fuser area triggers one of the following paper jam messages: 202.15, 202.25, 202.35, or 202.05.


Note:  If the error appears with Single function printers (SFP), then follow Step 1 only.

  1. Empty the output bin. Verify the alignment of the source tray's rear paper guide to make sure it corresponds with the proper paper size, and retest.

  2. Check that the toner access door (door B) is fully closed. If not closed, verify that the cartridges arefully inserted (seated) and try closing the toner access door again.

    Note:  Try to press down on the back - right side of door B, and retest.


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