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Lexmark C2325

Lexmark C2325

Print Quality Defect - black horizontal bands appears on the printed page

Issue description

The user has observed black horizontal lines on certain parts of the printed page.

Click the link below for sample images:


Follow steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. Run color adjust: Print >Quality >Advanced Imaging>Color Adjust>Start, and print a test page.

  2. If the issue persists, access the Diagnostics menu from the home screen and press * * 3 6 on the control panel.

  3. Navigate to: Advanced Print Quality Samples > Advanced Print Quality Samples, then check which of the color/s is/are affected.

  4. Remove the imaging unit and replace the developer unit that is affected.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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