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Lexmark C2535

Lexmark C2535

Dirty paper edge check

Issue description

A thin line of toner seen down the very left side edge of the page (simplex printing). Predominately yellow but can be any colors.

This issue may require a stack of pages to see if the line is on the very edge of each sheet. See sample image below:

This issue happens in the following circumstances:

  • Mid-late life on High Yield Imaging Unit (Earliest seen in ~25K pages, most in 100K pages or later)
  • Letter width media (A4 and narrower media do not exhibit issue)
  • Printing from input option trays only
  • Simplex side only
  • Skewed pages can be worse


  1. Try printing letter width media from tray 1 if possible.

  2. Ensure that the tray side guides are tight against media.

  3. Should the issue persist, replace the specific color Developer Unit.


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