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Lexmark C3326

Lexmark C3326

How to Access Service Menus for the Lexmark CS, CX, XS, MS, MX, 300 - 900 Series Printers and MFPs



Black and White

Lexmark C3326Lexmark MC322xLexmark MS22xLexmark MX22x
Lexmark CS310Lexmark CX310Lexmark MS310Lexmark MX310
Lexmark CS410Lexmark CX410Lexmark MS410Lexmark MX321
Lexmark CS43xLexmark CX421Lexmark MS421Lexmark MX410
Lexmark CS510Lexmark CX43xLexmark MS431Lexmark MX42x
Lexmark CS521Lexmark CX510Lexmark MS510Lexmark MX431
Lexmark CS622Lexmark CX52xLexmark MS521Lexmark MX432
Lexmark CS720, 725, 820Lexmark CX625Lexmark MS610dnLexmark MX51x
Lexmark CS/XS92xLexmark CX725, 820, 825Lexmark MS610deLexmark MX61x
Lexmark CS73xLexmark CX/XC86x - 92xLexmark MS62xLexmark MX622
Lexmark CS94xLexmark CX73xLexmark MS71xLexmark MX71x
Lexmark CX93xLexmark MS810n/dnLexmark MX725
Lexmark CX94xLexmark MS810deLexmark MX81x, 91x
Lexmark MS811n/dnLexmark MX822
Lexmark MS812deLexmark MX93x
Lexmark MS826
Lexmark MS812dn
Lexmark MS823

Important Notes and descriptions of Service Menus

Note:  Several hidden menus exist to configure advanced settings, troubleshoot problems, or obtain additional printer information. The settings contained in these menus should not be changed unless the Service Manual or Technical Support specifically request it. Changing the settings may cause the printer to improperly operate.

Diagnostic Menu

Configuration Menu

Network SE Menu

SE Menu

Invalid Engine Code

Recovery Mode

Safe Mode

Restore Point

Reset Device Menu

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