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Lexmark M1342

Lexmark M1342

202.91 or 202.95 Paper jam error

Issue description

  • The printer prompts a 202.91 or a 202.95 fuser jam error which can be caused by a faulty pick roller clutch.
  • This issue can be determined if the pick roller clutch is at fault when the printer feeds blank sheets of paper before 202.91 and/or 202.95 jam is prompted.
  • Another indication if the issue is caused by the pick roller clutch is when printing from the Multi-purpose feeder causes no issues.

Note:  This part is only visible when a service technician repairs the printer.


The 202.91 or 202.95 paper jam error caused by a faulty pick roller clutch can only be resolved by replacing the defective part.

Please contact Lexmark support for further diagnosis of this issue.

In the meantime continue using the Multi-purpose feeder while waiting for the printer to be repaired.

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