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Lexmark MS621

Lexmark MS621

Downtime Assistant – Unable to retrieve folder from FTP Server

Issue description

Specific folder(s) do not appear in Downtime Assistant’s local copy of the specified “Source Report Folder” even when the “Maintain Folder Structure” setting is enabled.


This issue is caused by having special characters and/or non-alphanumeric characters in the sub-folder names on the server. Folder names are retrieved from the server and non-alphanumeric characters are converted into an encoded string before being used as the local folder name. This encoded string is longer than the original string and runs the risk of hitting Linux’s filename limit of 255 characters, preventing the folder from being created in the device’s hard disk.

The solution is to remove the special characters and/or non-alphanumeric characters from the folder name in the server, or to use a shorter folder name that results in a shorter encoded string.

If the issue persists, then search for more information related to this issue or contact customer support.

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