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Lexmark CX924

Lexmark CX924

Lexmark CS/CX92x: Fuser Flakes on Printed Page

Affected Products:

Single-Function: CS921, CS923, CS927 and C9235

Multifunction: CX920, CX921, CX922, CX923, CX924, CX927, XC9225, XC9235, XC9245, XC9255 and XC9265

Issue Description:

Fuser flakes are small deposits of toner (.3 mm to 3 mm), which appear as generally irregular black spots on a printed page.

Additional identifiers:

  • There can be only a single spot or there can be several on a sheet and they can appear on the printed or unprinted side.

  • Fuser flakes can appear at any point during a fuser's life, but they are most commonly found on the first printed page after the fuser has had opportunity to cool down.

  • They happen after the high-area coverage jobs and may intensify with multi-page jobs.

  • Fuser flakes worsen in the dry environments.

  • They disappear after a few pages during next job.

Sample Print quality defects:


The most effective way to address them is to print 5-10 white pages, which should clean the fuser rolls of toner.


Flakes occur when toner accumulates on fuser rolls. Hotter rolls are less likely to transfer to paper. Flakes rarely persist for more than three pages.

Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)

  • Printer serial number


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