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Scan to OCR

Scan to OCR

Scan to Network Utilizing an FTP Destination Folder Fails when Utilizing OCR

What you will see

Scanning to...With these settings... Results in...
An FTP destination folder (path) with 20 pages or more...
  • Text
  • OCR
  • No file output to FTP server
  • White (blank screen) on the MFP appears on the screen for an undefined period of time.
  • Device eventually returns to the Home Screen.

Pressing Email and other apps such as Forms and Favorites will produce a white screen also.

Suggested remedies

  • Increase the inactivity or data transfer timeout settings on the FTP server.
  • To minmize complexity, you can decrease the number of pages scanned or disable possible configuration settings that may negatively affect processing times on the MFP, such as:
    • Auto-rotate
    • Deskew
    • Line Removal
    • Despeckle


Settings availability varies by MFP model and its equipped options.


Large scan-job conversions require higher CPU utilization and time. Hence, this can affect successful data transfer to time-controlled FTP connections and temporarily impact concurrent operations on the MFP.

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