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Lexmark CX725

Lexmark CX725

Booklet Printing in Macintosh OS X 10.4 -.11


You can make a booklet from any multi-page document. Printed and collated documents can be folded along the center of each page to form a booklet.


Printing booklets in Macintosh

  1. Select Print (or, command +P) from any application, and click Printer...

  2. Select Advanced Layout. In an Adobe® application the Advanced Layout option appears after clicking the Printer button.

  3. Select Booklet from the list of Layouts.

    • Printing large booklets? Try using Sheets Per Bundle to help align the outside edge of pages. To use this feature, specify a set number of pages to put into each bundle and then combine them to form one booklet.
  4. Click on Print.

    Note:  Printing booklets using the duplex function turns on duplex'short edge' control, so it is important verify the duplex unit is installed in the driver.


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