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Lexmark XC4143

Lexmark XC4143

Incorrect staple position when printing

issue description

When printing landscape, the finisher only staples pages in the upper right or lower left-hand corners. When printing in portrait mode, however, the finisher appears to staple the upper left-hand corner as expected

To summarize these steps for .pdfs and Power Point files:

  • Enable Reverse page order, Rotate 180 and Print on both sides.
  • Turn on Generate PostScript in driver so that "Reverse Page Order" will work


  • Windows 7 Client
  • Server 2012 R2
  • MS Powerpoint: 2010
  • PDF version : adobe Reader 11
  • Lexmark UPD v2 XL (
  • Tray 1 - A4
  • Lexmark X950de
  • Base: LHS41.TQ.P449
  • Connection Network
  • Base printer Firmware LHS42.TQ.P583

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


For Portrait and top-left staple position (upper-left corner):

Load orientationStaple position will be..."Print on Both sides" (setting)

Load with long-edge feed orientation

Set to front position

Set to "Long Edge"

For landscape and top-left staple postion:

Staple position will be..."Rotate 180" (setting)"Print on Both sides" (setting)

Set to front position

Set to "Enable"

Set to "Short Edge"


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