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Lexmark CS728

Lexmark CS728

Cannot import UCF with Base64 encoded password

Issue description

In the Lexmark Scan Center app, when importing the UCF file with a Base64 encoded password, it does not work. Import will go through but it will have an incorrect password.

In the previous generation of printers’ Scan to Network, it could import the password UCF key and the password value being encoded in Base64, for example:

esf.cifs.inst.1.cifs.pwd "bXlTcGVjaWFsUGFzc3dvcmQ="


Updating the Lexmark Scan Center version to v1.3.5 (or later) will fix the issue. This version contains the fix for importing a UCF with Base64 encoded password. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support to obtain this version.

Use the app’s “Export/Import" interface

Exporting/Importing a UCF file can also be done using the app’s interface. These steps below will guide you in doing so:

  1. Export Scan Center.ucf from the app's configuration page.

  2. Set the value of the following key to “1”:

    • esf.ssa_main.tf_confirm_password_encoded “1”
  3. Locate the password sections in the file. They should all have empty password entries: esf.ssa_network.inst.1.de_network_password "

  4. Create the password using a Base64 encoder. You can search online for a Base64 encoder.

  5. Edit the UCF and look for "esf.ssa_network.inst.1.de_network_address" and provide the password

    • esf.ssa_network.inst.1.de_network_displayName “Test”
    • esf.ssa_network.inst.1.de_network_address "\\10.194.XXX.XX\Shared folder"
    • esf.ssa_network.inst.1.de_network_username "administrator"
    • esf.ssa_network.inst.1.de_network_password "bXlTcGVjaWFsUGFzc3dvcmQ="
    • In this example, the password that was encrypted: “mySpecialPassword”
  6. Repeat for all passwords in the UCF file and SAVE the file with a UTF-8 compliant text editor.

  7. Use the modified UCF file and import it back to the app.

Note:  The base64-encoded password will not work when imported via VCC.


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