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Lexmark MS711

Lexmark MS711

Lexmark MS71x, MS81x, MX71x, & MX81x: The Printer Reports 'Tray 1 Empty' or 'Load Paper' Even When It Has Paper in It

Affected Products:

Single-Function: MS710, MS711, MS810, MS811, MS812, MS817, MS818, M5155, M5163, M5170

Multifunction: MX710, MX711, MX717, MX718, MX81x, XM51xx, XM52xx, XM71xx, XM72xx

Issue Description:

The MS71x, MS81x, MX71x, or MX81x printer models might display a “Tray 1 Empty, Load paper” error even if the tray has paper in it. This could happen when the printer’s pick tires are unable to pick paper from the tray.

Printer posts tray is empty even when paper is obviously in the tray, as shown in the right-hand image.


  1. Remove the pick roller from the printer and visually inspect it. To do this, first remove the paper tray.

  2. Lower the front duplex flap to gain access to the pick roller assembly.

  3. Squeeze both sides of the pick roller latch and move the pick roller assembly to the right in order to remove it.

  4. Verify the rolls turn freely. You should be able to spin rolls easily by hand.

  5. Also check the gears and remove any debris or toner that might be stuck, such as the red arrow points to in the right-hand image.

  6. Reinstall the pick roll and ensure it is fully seated.

Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)

  • xref_HO3865_xref
  • Toner/imaging unit/waste toner bottle part number and serial number


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