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Lexmark MS811

Lexmark MS811

Troubleshooting 31.6x Error Reinstall Missing or Unresponsive Imaging Unit (IU)

Issue description

The printer posts an error code 31.6x Reinstall missing or unresponsive imaging unit (IU), where “x” denotes any numbers from 0 to 6, as listed among the following examples: 31.60, 31.61, 31.62, 31.63, 31.64, 31.65, or 31.66.

A 31.6x error code may be caused by either of the following:

  • A non-genuine (third party) imaging unit or smart chip communication issues in the printer.
  • A bent imaging unit chip contact pins caused by the installation of non-genuine (third party) imaging unit.

Note:  The use of third-party supplies or parts can affect warranty coverage. Should you find the supplies (i.e., toner cartridge and/or imaging unit) are non-genuine (third party), please contact your point of purchase for questions about, or replacement of, the supply. Third party supplies are NOT covered under Lexmark warranty.


If the supply is genuine Lexmark, please proceed with the troubleshooting suggestions below.

  1. Ensure that the imaging unit is installed properly. Reinstall the imaging unit correctly if needed. Should the error not clear, continue to the next step.

  2. Remove the imaging unit and install a different unit if you have a spare available. The issue is resolved should the error clear. Proceed with the next step if the error remains.

  3. Ensure that the printer has the latest release of firmware loaded.

Other scenarios resulting to a 31.6x error

  • For a 31.60 error that appears only when the printer exits Sleep mode.
  • For a 31.46 accompanied by a 201.22 paper jam.


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