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Lexmark MS811

Lexmark MS811

33.xy Non?Lexmark Supply or Part Installed in the Printer

What you will see

The printer posts an error code 33.xy – Non?Lexmark [supply type], where “xy” denotes the type of Lexmark supply (i.e., 33.01 for Toner and 33.02 for Imaging unit).

Suggested remedy

A 33.xy error code indicates that the printer has detected a non-Lexmark supply or part installed in the printer.

Your Lexmark printer is designed to function best with genuine Lexmark supplies and parts. Use of third-party supplies or parts may affect the performance, reliability, or life of the printer and its imaging components.

Warning—Potential Damage
: Use of third-party supplies or parts can affect warranty coverage. Damage caused by the use of third-party supplies or parts may not be covered by the warranty.

  • If you do not wish to accept these risks, then remove the third-party supply or part from your printer, and then install a genuine Lexmark supply or part.
  • To accept any and all of these risks and to proceed with the use of non-genuine supplies or parts in your printer, press and hold and the # button on the printer control panel simultaneously for 15 seconds. For non-touch-screen printer models, press and on the printer control panel simultaneously for 15 seconds to clear the message and continue printing.

Click the link to know How to identify if you are using genuine Lexmark supplies.

Still need help?

If you require additional assistance, please close this window and locate Get In Touch with Lexmark! for contact information.
When calling for support, you will need your printer's model/machine type and serial number (SN), as well as the Imaging unit and Toner cartridgepart number and serial number.

Please be near the products described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce callbacks.


Audience: ‘Lexmark only’ below

Should customer call in with this type of error code, recommend replacement of the affected supply (toner cartridge or imaging unit) with genuine Lexmark supplies to prevent long-term printer damage.

IMPORTANT! The supplies replacement for this type of error code is not covered under Lexmark warranty. Hence, no supplies should be sent out as part of service.

Other scenarios resulting in a 33.xy error

For a 33.xy error on MS/MX 7 or 8 series that falsely appears when a printer is new out of the box, when a controller card is replaced, or when a genuine fuser is installed, see .


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