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Lexmark MS811

Lexmark MS811

Blank pages or near-blank pages quickly leading to blank pages

Issue description

The printout is blank as seen here o, the printouts start out almost blank as seen below, but subsequent printouts quickly turn into blank pages.

Possible causes

The most common causes of blank printout include:

  • Packing materials left on the imaging unit
  • Extra page(s) attached and picked together
  • Missing transfer roll after maintenance
  • Bent PC drum core contact in the printer


  1. Check whether packing material was left on the Imaging Unit. Click the appropriate link below to access the video tutorial that shows how to unpack and remove the imaging unit's packing materials.

    Note:  On your browser's left-hand pane, navigate through: Replacing supplies > Replacing the imaging unit.

  2. Check whether the transfer roll is properly installed.


Service action

  1. Check the imaging unit for proper installation.

  2. If blank prints occur after servicing a device, ensure the following:

    • The transfer roll is installed.
    • The imaging unit contacts and HVPS are in the correct orientation and the contacts are touching the correct points on the card, and that the card is not flipped.
    • The PC drum contact is not bent or out of place.
  3. Replace the imaging unit if necessary.

    • 52D0Z00 – WW Return MS/MX71x/81x Imaging Unit
  4. Check the Capacitance Toner Level Sensing (CTLS) contacts located on the toner level/imaging unit high voltage contact. In addition, check if the CTLS are properly installed.

  5. Check all the connections in the High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS). Replace the voltage contacts and HVPS if necessary.

    • 41X1721 – Voltage Contacts
    • 40X7578 – HVPS
    • Check the upper Oldham coupler plate for any signs of damage. The coupler plate is located in the printer's main gear drive.
    • Damage in the upper Oldham coupler plate will cause the unit not to push toner to the PC drum, thus the blank print. Replace the main gear drive to fix the issue.
    • 40X7594 – Main gear drive

Oldham Coupler assembly in good condition

Damaged or chipped Oldham Coupler assembly

Note:  The Developer dogbone in the printer can be broken off due to removal of the imaging unit when the door not completely open. The same dogbone may also be stuck in the gear for some reason.

Service parts

Make sure to validate the service part numbers at the Lexmark Part Store before ordering.

Transfer roller

  • 40X7582 – for the MS71x, MS81x, MX71x, and MX81x

Transfer printhead

  • 40X7597 – Laser printhead (quad diode) (belt-fuser printers only)
  • 40X8481 – Laser printhead (dual diode) (hot-roller fuser printers)

Controller Card

Please see the Service Manual for the appropriate part number.


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