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Lexmark M5170

Lexmark M5170

IPDS print jobs freeze after firmware update

Issue description

After updating the firmware to version LW61.DN2.P651-0C, the printer will freeze – several times a day – when printing IPDS jobs.


It was determined that when non-IPDS odd-numbered duplex jobs are printed before the IPDS print job, it sets the printer to a busy state and will keep the PRT status on the host queue. The probable cause of the issue could be related to a print job that gets stuck in the print queue.


Our product engineers (PEs) have confirmed that the IPDS FW version EC6.3 and IPDS FW PE version EC6 have resolved the issue.

Version EC6.3 is thoroughly tested but has fewer security fixes than the PE version EC6.

Here are the links to the IPDS FW codes:

IMPORTANT! It is recommended to go through the succeeding steps before and after upgrading to the IPDS firmware (FW):

  • BEFORE updating – reboot the printer before updating to the new IPDS FW.
  • AFTER updating – revert the setting back by going to through the control panel: Settings > Print Settings > Finishing Menu > Blank Pages = Do Not Print.

Additional information

For steps on how to update the printer firmware, please refer to KB article Checking the latest Lexmark printer firmware.

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