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Lexmark MX911

Lexmark MX911

824.00 scanner error upon boot-up

Affected Products:

Monochrome: XM9165, XM9155, XM9145, MX912, MX911, and MX910

Color: XC9265, XC9255, XC9245, XC9235, XC9225, CX927, CX924, CX923, CX922, and CX921

Issue Description:

An 824.00 Scanner Error appears on the printer display while powering the printer on. The scanner lamp lights up but its assembly is not able to move freely. In some cases, a


humping or banging sound

can also be heard coming from the scanner.

The error mostly happens on brand new (out-of-the-box) printers. It is possible that some scanner packaging materials, such as screws that are holding the strings (as shown in the sample image) or securing the scanner lamp assembly may have been left in the scanner.


The error code implies that the sensor (scanner lamp home) did not detect the scanner lamp at its home position.

  1. Turn off the printer.

  2. Check the Lexmark device for any packaging material that was missed.

  3. Remove the screws that are holding the scanner lamp (see images below).


    There may be rubber screw covers in place as seen in the photos below.

    The screws can be removed by an end user, using the tool which is included with the printer.

    Click here

    to view where the tool can be located. Additionally, there may be rubber screw covers in place that

    Facing the left side of the scanner where the scanner lamp is located, remove the screws as pointed by the red arrows in the images above.

  4. Turn on the printer after making sure that all the packaging materials are removed from the printer/scanner.

Additional Resources:

Please check the following resources for additional instructions when setting up the printer and removing the packaging materials.

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Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)

  • Printer serial number


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