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Lexmark XM9155

Lexmark XM9155

Troubleshooting a 202.93 paper jam

Issue description

A newly installed printer may exhibit frequent paper jams and display the error code 202.93, with the paper possibly accordioned in the fuser area.

You might also observe a newly installed printer producing print quality defects such as light printout. The symptoms described are most likely due to a string that is still attached to the transfer roll. The subsequent section will describe how to remove the string and possibly resolve the issue.


The most likely cause of a newly installed printer exhibiting the 202.93 paper jam is a string that was left attached to the transfer roll. In this case, light printout might also be observed even though the cartridge is still full of toner.

  1. For shipping, two clips are installed in the transfer roll to prevent the transfer roll from contacting the Image Transfer Belt during transportation. String attaches these clips, as shown in the photos below. Remove these clips upon installation.

    (A) String after opening the right-side cover

    (B)String as seen from the right-side cover.

    (C) String attached to front clip.

    (D) String attached to rear clip

  2. Print the following printer internal pages. (User's Guide provides instructions for navigating through the printer menus).

  3. Make sure also that the transfer roll is in its correct position after removing the packaging clips. You will know whether the transfer roll is NOT seated properly if the spring on its side is still in compression. See images below for comparison. A stuck spring can be corrected by removing the transfer roll, manually releasing the gear housing, and then reseating the transfer roll.

    Stuck Transfer roll – spring still in compression

    Properly seated transfer roll – spring is unstuck


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