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Lexmark XM7270

Lexmark XM7270

IPDS firmware (EC6.0 and EC6.2) known issues


This document lists the known issues found when using Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) Firmware versions EC6.0 and EC6.2 on the 2012 released Lexmark printers.



EC6.0 (P632/1049)

Printer gets stuck in Busy state when it prints any IPDS duplex job.

EC6.2 (P636/1049)

Printers cannot flash firmware updates after they printed IPDS jobs.

Printer hangs when printing IPDS duplex jobs when a non-IPDS odd-paged duplex job is sent prior to it.


Updating the IPDS firmware to version EC6.3 will rectify the issues listed above. This firmware version is currently being developed with a target release within November 2016.

As a workaround, restart the printer to get it back on Ready state, and proceed uploading an EC5 IPDS firmware (P543/1049), where the issues are not found. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support to acquire the IPDS firmware EC5.


  1. Go to to download the firmware file.

  2. Click on Partner login and input your Lexmark login credentials.

  3. Select the printer by typing the printer model on the search box (i.e., MS812).

  4. Make sure you are on the “Downloads” tab, and then click on "Complete list".

  5. Select and download the EC5.0 firmware update for IPDS DLE Card.

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