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Lexmark XM7270

Lexmark XM7270

Master or backup printer hangs at authentication screen during card validation or user authentication

What you will see

The printer, which is either set as “Master” or “Backup”, locks up during card validation (Badge Login) or user authentication (Manual Login).

The images below show the lock up screen depending on the authentication type.

Badge Login ‑ The printer stays at the “Getting user info…please wait” screen.

Manual Login ‑ The printer stays at the “Authenticating” screen.

Possible cause

This might be caused by a loose or disconnected ethernet cable connection.

Affected printers

Affected printer models currently identified are listed below:

  • X46x
  • X65x
  • X73x
  • X86x
  • T656
  • C748
  • C792
  • C925
  • C950
  • X54x
  • X74x
  • X79x
  • X92x
  • X95x
  • 6500e

Note:  An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.

Recommended action

Make sure the ethernet cable is securely connected to the printer. Disconnect and then reconnect the cable, if necessary.


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