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Lexmark XM7270

Lexmark XM7270

Printing an IPDS Duplex Job Will Freeze After Using EC 6.0 on 2012 Products


When a customer prints a duplex job, the device will not return to Ready until it is finished printing. It will also remain in PRT (printing) state, until the writer or communication of both printer and host (as400, mainframe) is manually ended.

Recommended solution

There will be an upcoming release for IPDS firmware (FW) EC 6.2 which contains the fix of the issue reported.

The fix will be available during mid-August of this year.

However, should a customer make a request before the scheduled August release, Product Engineers (PE) and Systems Engineers (SE) suggest that they can develop the latest IPDS FW (possibly EC 6.1) ahead of time. Make sure to list the customer's printer model for reference when creating IPDS FW code(s).


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